MoD wants officers to remove apps that slander the commander-in-chief

Ministry of Defense has determined a policy to remove apps that slander the government from the officers’ smartphones. None of the SK media provides the news in English so I had to translate by myself. (and I do see that they do not release this kind of news in English)

Via SBS: (hyper-linked by me)

An official from the MoD announced that “officers who rank above staff sergeant will be educated the problems of apps that slander the government and the commander-in-chief or praise North Korea, and will be induced to remove them voluntarily.”

The blacklist includes I am a WeaselSmart Candle [the candle refers to the massive protest in 2008], “Gaka” Retiring Day Counter [“gaka” is “Mr. President” pronounced in a tongue-in-cheek manner], North Korea World, etc.

The minister Kim Kwan-jin contended the measure is proper, saying “apps that deny the system and slander the commander-in-chief undermine the armed force’s moral strength” via his twitter account.

Civil rights groups are criticizing that the measure is violating the rights of the individual.

Without a doubt, MoD’s main target is I am a WeaselWeeks ago I told you how strong the podcast were politically charged. Anyway, this incident tells us that they have no idea how the media is consumed on smartphones. Podcast is not an app. MoD would have to consult with Apple if they really want to remove iTunes.


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