Dead horses are still being called in

We’ve been told a lot about school bullies recently by the media. Everything happens only after something has happened. For this I don’t want to blame someone, I just feel sad, asking myself “is this really that hard to prevent?” Did we really have to see teenagers killing themselves in order to do something for preventing school violence? No, they, no, we haven’t been caring enough. There was always full of signals, even since I was attending a middle school or far earlier than that. We haven’t cared: schools were nothing if they weren’t for colleges. And now we’re paying for that.

Should there be a Nobel prize for human rights of the Korean military, especially for the enlisted, who were called up for their mandatory duty which is required for every male SK citizens, the first recipient ought to be “Pvt. Kim,” who had thrown a grenade to barracks and went on a shooting rampage, which was recorded for the highest number of casualty in the military firearm accident since 1984. Pvt. Kim had been bullied by his superiors and planned to “turn his platoon upside down” 2 days before the accident in 2005. After that upper echelons and the ministry took the issue seriously and began to take some measures. It’s far from being perfectly effective since there are still some accidents happening, but it’s rather of the system issue, the way of maintaining the military and drafting personnel, which needs a lot of researches, discussions, and nationwide consensus so I am not going deep down with this issue right now.

Anyway, the media was hunting down a goat for crucifixion. It seems that they are not good hunters themselves as I give a look upon what they have got from the hunting: games and comic strips. The Chosun Ilbo reported about violent web strips, (FYI: web comic strips are a dominating majority in the SK comic strip market. The World’s all-time No.1 bandwidth almost defoliated the offline comic market.) citing that “children may learn about violence in detail while reading violent webtoons (this is what we used to call web comic strips)” and “it may encourage a school violence if they justify their violent behavior as ‘a hilarious thing.’” after its own rampage of articles upon school violence. The author of the strip which was specifically mentioned in the article had to quit carrying his work after the report. There is no point admitting that there are some violent comic strips and the authorities lacked a proper management although they are so true. The point is, that the media once again blames the easiest to be blamed to shun confronting what really matters.

The Chosun Ilbo went further. Under the title “He… was a creature in a game whom we are to beat down to death,” the Chosun reports that one of the assailants, aged 13, compared the same aged victim to a creature in the video game and cited from an expert that “many of young game players cannot distinguish a virtual reality from reality” and “it is dangerous because players learn to be cruel to loser when they are compete for level-up.” The assailant’s use of metaphor indeed caused by his way-too-much gameplaying but it doesn’t necessarily prove that his violent behavior is caused by gameplaying. Again, the Chosun Ilbo did their base implication.

(Ah, did I forget to mention that they were blaming games when Pvt. Kim rampaged through his platoon? Though the aforementioned (linked) article does not directly connect games to the rampage, they did imply that violent video games are to blame.)

Do they seriously believe that school violent will be eradicated once after we sweep away these nasty games and strips?


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