Great Phone Calls

Kim Mun Soo, the governor of Kyunggi Province made a phone call to local fire station to inquire a transportation system of cancer patients while visiting a sanitarium on 19th Dec. The following is the dialogue via emergency line:

The Governor: I’m the governor.
The fireman: This is the Namyangju Fire Station. May I help you?
G: I’m the governor Kim Mun Soo.
F: (silence)
G: I’m the governor. State your rank and name.
F: May I ask you what it is about?
G: I’m the governor. Why do you not state your name?
F: This is an emergency line. Firstly, please tell me what it is about.

(repeat twice or three times)

Obviously the fireman believed that it was a prank call. As the caller kept insisting that he is the governor and asking the fireman to state his name and rank while he does not answer why he was calling on emergency line, the fireman hung up at last. The insistent governor made a call again and after connected to other fireman, the governor constantly called for the former speaker’s name and rank (this one had stated his name and rank well) and got hung up again.

Two firemen were shunted off to other fire stations on 23th for not complying the procedure. Firemen should state his name and rank at first on the phone and are not allowed to judge a prank call arbitrarily, according to the procedure.

The initial tone of the press was describing firemen as dishonest and it seemed to be because all of their articles were based on the press release from Kyunggi Province. But right after release of the actual recording of the phone calls public was exasperated by the governor’s arrogance and his authoritarian approach to the issue by tweeting “They lacked the basics [for working for public].

A sudden dawn of the new meme… As fast as Herman Cain’s, as fertile as Rick Perry’s.

What really got me interested is that a rapid shift of the tone of the press. If there had been no release of the recording, most of people weren’t aware of what really had been going on then and everything would be handled well as the press releaseguided what should seem to be. It was after public was exasperated by the recording when the press changed its tone.

The conclusion of the happening was also extraordinarily authoritarian. Whom do you expect to having released the recording? The shunted-off firemen or their colleague in anger? Nope, it was the provincial government and it was foreducational purpose, to prevent firemen from not recognizing their commander-in-chief’s voice.


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